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My love of babywearing was born out of desperation. You know all those things that you said you would never do as a parent? Yeah, I threw those out the window the day my son was born. When he entered this world and I stared into those intelligent blue eyes, I fell madly in love. Little did I know that those intelligent eyes would never want to close for fear that they might miss something. All my expectations about newborns pointed to the fact that they slept a lot. Nope! Not mine! He wanted to soak up the wonderful world around him and sleeping meant he might not see it!

IMG_6272After spending the first few months anchored to my couch snuggling my little man as he slept (it was the only way he would nap!), I decided it was time to TRAIN him to nap on his own. Don’t get me wrong, I cherished those quiet moments with him nestled in my arms, watching his chest rise and fall and listing to those sweet sighs of contentment. I also knew that I couldn’t forsake my house, husband, family, and friends much longer, so I plunged into training him to sleep on his own. For the next few months, I spent many hours bouncing, rocking, pleading, and crying my son to sleep. One day as I was trying to put him down for a nap, I broke down and wept (once again). Here we were… he was crying – I was sobbing… we were quite the pair. I thought, “Well, I might as well see if he naps in my Ergo.” Within minutes of putting him on my back, he was sound asleep. I was able to cook, clean, and work… all while my little man got the sleep that he so desperately needed.

The next day, I found myself right back where I was the day before… holding a crying little boy who did not want to sleep apart from mommy. This time I put him in the Ergo before BOTH of us ended up in tears, and I never looked back. For the next 4 months, every nap was taken in his carrier. I was happy. He was happy. My HUSBAND was happy! My only regret was not discovering babywearing sooner. It was a life saver for us!

People may question whether or not you are spoiling your child or causing them to become dependent on you. Babies’ sleeping habits change so frequently there is no way you will create a bad habit (they have none!). By 10 months, my little man was taking naps in his own room and I missed him!

Because of my love of babywearing and the very real need it filled in my life, I have become a huge advocator of babywearing and enjoy sharing this love with others! I am an administrator for our local babywearing group and enjoy going to our local hospital to talk with new moms about the benefits of babywearing and educate them on how to safely wear their baby.

Babywearing can open up a whole wide world to you! As a family who loves to explore the wonderful creation God has blessed us with, babywearing has been in integral part of our family. It has allowed us to hike up mountains in Alaska and see sites that would have been inaccessible to us with only a stroller. I want my son to see as much of this vast, beautiful world that I can! He will be…