Pavo – Keshi Halo

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Brand: Pavo
Style: Keshi
Color: Halo
Fiber Content: 100% cotton
Weight: 260 g/m2
Size: 4

At a glance: Solid. Good diagonal stretch. Cool to the touch. Great for summer. Tight weave. Great beater wrap despite light color!

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Shortly after my little miss was born, I made the “mistake” of borrowing a friend’s Keshi Cove. Let’s just say, I had purchased one of my own before I gave her’s back! I opted to buy Keshi Halo in a size 4… Both Keshi’s had the same wrapping qualities, so color did not make a difference. Cove is definitely blue, whereas Halo lends itself more to a green tinge or spearmint color.

This is definitely the most unique wrap that I have ever felt. Considering I have tried a lot of wraps, that’s saying something! At first touch, Keshi feels cool. It’s a great wrap for warm weather because the material keeps a cool feeling even in the heat! It’s definitely been a great wrap for the hot, hot, HOT weather we have had this summer in Michigan. How this 100% cotton wrap can feel so much differently than all my other cotton wraps is still a mystery to me!

1G3A2451-LogoIf you are looking for soft and bouncy though, this is not Keshi. Keshi feels kind of stiff even after being broken in profusely, but for some reason with Keshi, this is NOT a bad thing. The irregular colored “stripes” that wind their way through Keshi keep the horizontal stretch solid. You will not find much sag with this wrap. Once it’s in place, it stays put. Now I know I mentioned that Keshi is not soft or bouncy, BUT here is where Keshi shines! Are you the queen of a sloppy wrap job? Then this wrap is for you! The spaces between the colored “stripes” turn into little puffy clouds on your shoulders when wrapped poorly. Honestly, if you overly tighten Keshi, you may find it a little diggy. Bunch it up and let it do it’s thing and you will LOVE this wrap! Horizontal stretch is nice, but I would not say that Keshi is an ace bandage… maybe more like a bandaid?? You know how a bandaid puckers when you bend and move… that’s a good description of the Keshi pockets of puffy clouds! hehe…

I really loved Keshi with my newborn, and she claimed this wrap as her own from just a few weeks old. We rocked the Kangaroo Carry for many months before moving on to other wraps! When I had to choose only a couple wraps to bring on our camping trips this summer, Keshi was in the mix. I know you might think I’m crazy bringing a light colored wrap camping, but it is tightly woven and easily cleaned up! It’s been camping 3 times and it has yet to look dingy after a good wash. Pretty sure I don’t even have a pull in it yet.

So here’s my only hesitation with Keshi… Because it is best in a sloppy wrap job, I’m finding the top rail is harder to tighten than a lot of the wraps in my stash. I think partly because I am wrapping a small baby, it is harder to REALLY pull to tighten because she is still so tiny. BUT taking the time to tighten that rail is so worth it! Overall, I do think that I prefer a wrap with a little more bounce and stretch to it, but everyone is different in what they like in a wrap!

As far as aesthetics, I LOVE the look of Keshi! It is so classy, and I always get compliments whenever I wear it. Perfect for a day at the beach, with your favorite pair of blue jeans or even a wedding/church service. It goes from casual to classy in 5 seconds flat!

If you are looking for an amazing summer wrap and you like a wrap that is solid, airy, and best in a sloppy wrap job, you definitely need to try out Keshi!

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