Pavo – Lovebirds Lavender


Lovebirds Lavender with her Alpaca blend may be different than the other birdies, but she’s confident in who she is! Soft and floppy, yet strong… She lacks the extra stretch the other birdies boast, but has her own magic in that she wraps herself and never sags. It’s like being wrapped in a snug bear-hug from your best friend. The drape in hand is unmatched. She is one of a kind and doesn’t flock with the other birds, but rather soars to the beat of her own drum.

What makes her so unique? She’s made from 34% fine alpaca! Sometimes I think wool can appear intimidating. But have no fear! Alpaca is amazing in both the cold and the heat. It is heat regulating in the summer because it wicks moisture away from the skin, and as wool is generally known for, it is insulating in the winter, keeping you warm and snuggly!

Some people may have a sensitivity to wool. I thankfully do not have this issue, but I’ve heard many people with wool allergies say that alpaca does not bother them. So it may be worth a try for some of you wool-sensative Pavotees!

So how does she shine? She’s solid in a ruck, but I love her in that awkward size. You know the base-1 that everyone seems to dread. A good Double Hammock with a Freshwater Rapids finish is phenomenal. The chest pass has great recoil and there is no sag over time. I typically like a lot of cush in the shoulders, and Lavender has just the right amount! Not too much, not too little… Juuuuuuust right.

Have you tried birds but not Lavender? I would encourage you to give Lavender a try! She’s unique and definitely worth giving a home for a while!