Babywearing Collage

Disclaimer: All of these carries are based on standard sizing. You may need a shorter or longer wrap depending on your personal height/shape/size. I have included all of the tutorials that have helped me learn to wrap and will be updating this archive with my personal videos as they are made. Have fun trying all the carries!! 

Ring Slings:

Size 2 (AKA: Rebozo): Great for quick ups! The short length makes it a great wrap to throw in the diaper bag without taking up much space. It is also great for muddy/dirty outdoors as the wrap is short enough to keep off of the ground.

Size 3: Short enough to do all of the Rebozo (Size 2) carries PLUS some!

Size 4:

Size 5:

Size 6+:


  • Freshwater Finish
  • Saltwater Finish
  • Slip Knot
  • Tibetan Finish